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WinBook Offers 46" LCD HDTV for $1,299


A long time maker of notebook computers, WinBook also sells LCD displays ranging in size from 32" to 46", with the WinBook 46D1 being the largest. WinBook displays are primarily available direct from MicroCenter retailers or through their website,

Some of the key specifications of the WinBook 46D1:


The 46D1 was shipped to us directly from the manufacturer. It sports a simple, pleasing look with a thick matte bezel featuring silver outer edging. The 46D1 comes with a small silver stand that ships separately and requires assembly, but was not overly cumbersome, and created a seamless look when assembled. The 46D1 weighs in at 79 lbs, which is about average for LCD displays of this size.

The input panels are on both sides of the display, which is becoming a more common layout than having all the inputs horizontally positioned at the bottom. The inputs in the 46D1 were easy to access and identify.

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