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Oops! Best Buy Just Leaked Netflix and YouTube for Switch

The Switch is as versatile as game consoles come, but there are still a handful of things it can’t do — namely, stream Netflix and YouTube.

Fortunately, a clue on the Best Buy listing for the system has sparked hope that Nintendo will announce both apps tomorrow during its Direct E3 presser.

The hint emerged on Reddit on Monday, after a user discovered icons for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu on Best Buy’s product page for the Switch. Hulu has actually had an app on Nintendo’s eShop for some time now, but the other two have yet to appear on the platform. The trusty Wayback Machine shows an archived version of the page from March of this year without the icons, so it seems this was indeed a recent addition.

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The proximity of Best Buy’s site update to tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct would appear to be a surefire sign of more streaming apps on the Switch. However, it’s possible this is a glitch on Best Buy’s end, or that the Switch was erroneously tagged as supporting Netflix and YouTube simply because it already supports Hulu.

The text underneath the icons, which is still live on the page at the time of writing, appears to be a generic blurb assigned to devices that support streaming apps. In other words, this is hardly conclusive evidence.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to know the outcome. The Nintendo Direct for E3 2018 kicks off Tuesday at 9 a.m. Pacific/12 p.m. Eastern time. Keep an eye on Tom’s Guide and @tomsguide on Twitter for all the announcements as soon as they arrive.

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