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Sorry, Americans You Can't Have Avermedia's Hybrid Cardbus TV Adapter

Hybrid Tuner-TV And FM Radio Anywhere In The World

Editor's Note: Occasionally we like to run stories about products we who live in the Americas can't have because we don't have the technologies available to support the products. We do this both to make us aware of the limits of our technology and to encourage us to lobby standards setters and manufacturers to give us the best technologies that are possible. The AverTV Hybrid Cardbus adapter is a prime indicator of the occasional limitations of American technology and one manufacturer's response to those limitations. The card supports standards we don't have here and comes with accessories we could use. The version available in the Americas is very basic, lacking digital video reception capabilities, support for PAL standards, the ability to record FM radio signals and a remote control. That product, featured in the TG Stores box on each page of this review, is still worth having, but it will leave you hungry for the more full featured non-Americas version.

Avermedia's AverTV Hybrid + FM Cardbus adapter for laptops and notebooks is a real jack of all trades. In addition to receiving analog signals, either from an indoor aerial or directly via the TV cable, its hybrid tuner also allows wireless reception of Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial (DVB-T) signals. As a result, the card is an immensely flexible and truly mobile device, capable of handling all PAL and NTSC formats currently in use. Any notebook equipped with the Aver card is quickly turned into a fully featured remote-controlled mobile Personal Video Recorder (PVR) as well. But the feature list doesn't end there-the card also comes with an FM tuner. Finally, to round off the already extensive feature set, a video-in connector is included.

Now that we've gone over the list of features, we'd like to show you exactly what you can expect from a card costing around 106 Euros ($127), what to watch out for when installing the card, and how to make the best use of its many features. Finally, we'll also take a look at how the mobile entertainment device affects battery life.