QlockTwo is an Interesting, Yet Overpriced, Clock

Tired of the classic clock configuration? Do away with endlessly rotating hands with the QlockTwo, a slab of shiny consumer electronics that makes the clock more literal.

Like any other wall clock, QlockTwo attaches to a... wall. The difference is that QlockTwo uses words to instead of numbers. Instead of pointing hands at numbers, it simply spells out phrases like "it is twenty five past one". The correct letters in a matrix of them light up (courtesy of LEDs) to literally tell the time.

A lacquered wooden body and a polished acrylic surface also means the QlockTwo would make a fine, stylish addition to any room. With a stainless steel and red, white, violet, green, and black variants, matching the clock with any interior design should be easy. QlockTwo even comes in English, Italian, Russian, German, and French versions.

But seriously, would anyone pay €885 (or around $1090) for a clock? You can buy a hundred wall clocks with that kind of money! And ironically, QlockTwo's verbosity means it only tells time in units of five minutes. Users who need to know it's exactly 9:23 will be left frustrated.

In other words, QlockTwo is very unique. Yet its steep price and lack of accuracy are just begging for another company to come up with a more pinpoint ("it's twenty nine past one") and cheaper competitor - unless maker Biegert & Funk holds all relevant patents.

QlockTwo by Biegert & Funk

  • Why not just take the internals of an Android phone, hook it up to a 20inch flat panel, and make a really really advanced clock that can show phrases but also your email, social networks; and oh yeah cost less.
  • jdog2pt0
    Cool, but not cool enough for almost $1100
  • Kelavarus
    Wow. Not nearly worth what it's asking. This could be made for under $100 easy.
  • eyefinity
    All it needs is an apple logo and it will sell, even at that stupid price.
  • 7amood
    if so... how much the apple logo is worth by itself??
  • zodiacfml
    the price is so uncool. they probably can't manufacture enough of this.
  • rpgplayer
    7amoodif so... how much the apple logo is worth by itself??

    put an apple logo on it, increase the price by $100USD and they will fly off the shelves.

    they'd have to call it the iqlock though
  • randomizer
    That's a pretty damn cool clock. They could make a larger version to allow accuracy to the minute. It would be a feature wall in itself :D
  • mikem_90
    Actually, you can make your own, it was the inspiration for the DIY Word Clock seen on the MAKEzine articles.

    Darn easy and damn cheap.
  • Qlocktwo tells exact time: the four dots in the corner are the 4 minutes between the 5 minute steps.
    easily I can tell when it is 9:23.
    compared to my new lamp in the livingroom ($2300) the qocktwo is a bargain! Anyway it is unique, high quality and just awesome.