Patent Troll Sues Entire Wireless Industry

LVL claims infringement on five different patents (6,044,382,5,805,676, 5,987,103, 8,019,060 and 7,334,024), which the company acquired from Cyberfone Technologies last week. Cyberfone was a Windows CE-based screenphone that was announced by Cyberfone and National Semiconductor at the Comdex Fall 1999 tradeshow. We are not aware that the Cyberfone was actually sold into the market.

All patents target digital communication features (a "data transaction assembly server", a "telephone/transaction entry device and system for entering transaction data into databases" (x3), as well as a "system for transmission of voice and data over the same communications line") that affect virtually all communications services. Among the sued companies are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, MetroPCS, Tracfone, and Boost Mobile but also Apple, RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Sharp, HTC and other wireless handset manufacturers, as well as Best Buy, CNN, Cisco, Comcast, Time Warner, Google, Amazon, Nuance, Sony, Nintendo, FedEx, DHL, Avis Budget, Hyatt Hotels, United Airlines, American Airlines, DirecTV and Dish Network, among others.

Some companies are mentioned in more than just one patent infringement suit. It is interesting to note that Microsoft is not mentioned and we could not find Texas Instruments, which acquired National Semiconductor earlier this year.

LVL is asking for damages as well as supplemental damages in each suit.


Douglas Perry is an author and journalist from Portland, Oregon. His many articles have appeared in the likes of Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, The Oregonian, and several newspapers. He has covered topics including security, hardware, and cars, and has written five books. In his spare time, he enjoys watching The Sopranos.

  • what if they won?
  • TheWhiteRose000
    Due what there doing in the PS3 Patent suit!
    Make it so they can't create anymore and got to pull it off the market. this way you can become the Internet and Cellphone King.
  • megabuster
    Really? I might have to change my carrier to patent litigator.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Another fine mess!
  • chomlee
    fines for frivalous lawsuits would stop this. There is going to be a special place in hell reserved for these scum!!!
  • aftcomet
    It's not like this is going to court. It'll be cheaper and easier for the companies to settle. The troll will get paid a handsome amount of cash. 10M+.
  • stingstang
    edubz6what if they won?They can't win. They're messing with a 50+trillion dollar industry. This is the last we'll hear about it.
  • jacobdrj
    megabusterReally? I might have to change my carrier to patent litigator.Everyone tells me that I should in fact go into Patent Law... You do need an undergraduate degree in a hard science/engineering discipline.
  • capaill
    They sued ... everybody?
    Wow. Just ... Wow.
  • pug_s
    Obama just passed a 'patent reform bill.' Heck of a job, Barack.