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Meet the Smartest Alexa Skill Yet: An Email Ninja

Alexa can do everything from play music and tell jokes to track your fitness and control all sorts of smart home gadgets, and now it can make email triage a breeze.

Notion has debuted a new skill for Alexa that will work with your Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or other smart speaker that leverages Amazon's assistant, and it's super smart.

According to a company blog post, Notion set out to build "an intelligence layer on top of email." What does that mean? Yes, the Alexa skill can read your email aloud and also let you delete messages, but Notion stands out because it attempts to determine what's truly important in your sea of messages.

The Notion Alexa skill is smart enough to know which messages are important. Credit: Notion

(Image credit: The Notion Alexa skill is smart enough to know which messages are important. Credit: Notion)

In a demo video, a man says, "Alexa, ask Notion if anybody is waiting on me." Yes, unfortunately, you need to say "Notion" each time for now.

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Then, Alexa says there are two waiting messages, and she proceeds to read them. The person using Alexa can interrupt, asking "Who introduced us?" and Notion will find the answer by looking at your emails.

Other Notion features include the ability to snooze a message to later, look at who you recently met by email and enable do not disturb. Unfortunately, you can't dictate emails yet, but Notion is working on it.

The overall goal of Notion, according to co-founder Guy Suter, is to make us more present when around family and friends. You're less likely to get distracted by other messages or things happening on your phone when it stays in your pocket and you're simply talking to Alexa as you walk by.

You can try out the Notion Alexa skill here or kick the tires by downloading Notion app on Android or iOS.