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Nintendo May Release a Switch for Hardcore Gamers and a Miniature Model in June

Two years after the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, the Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo will release two new Switch consoles at E3 this June. One model may be for hardcore gamers, and the other one may be a compact model with a lower price tag.

The Journal gives no details on the higher-end Switch. The current model uses an ARM-based Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, which was launched back in 2015. Its 1-teraflop graphics engine is outdated by today's standards, so there's plenty of room for improvement. Nvidia hasn't announced any new Tegra chips, though.

As for the cheaper model, the Journal says it will not have vibration or detachable Joycon control gamepads.

Earlier this month, the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reported on a new compact Switch as part of Nintendo's efforts to inject more steam into the platform. Nikkei said it would be a “miniature Switch” that may be missing some of the functions in the current console.

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Nikkei also quoted senior analyst at Ace Research Institute Hideki Yasuda, who said the move could be similar to the way Nintendo introduced the DS Lite in 2006.

“This strategy worked well,” claims Nikkei, “with the success of the redesigned DS lifting sales of the older version.”

It would be interesting to see a phone-sized Switch that could dock to your TV for the big-screen experience. I'd certainly get one.

Both consoles may come as early as June of this year.

Jesus Diaz

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