New Videos Reveal iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9

By the time Apple takes the wraps off its new iPhones this fall, most people in the crowd will already be able to draw the phones from memory at the rate leaked images of the devices are appearing.

A day after photos of dummy iPhone units popped up online, videos of those same two models are now circulating. The videos, posted by Tiger Mobiles and credited to Twitter leaker @OnLeaks, showcases the 6.1- and 6.5-inch iPhones Apple is reportedly working on for the fall.

As a reminder, these are dummy units and not actual phones. (The tell is that the displays are never active.) Dummy units are typically designed to show off the dimensions and build of an upcoming phone, especially for accessory makers who can design cases and add-ons that accommodate that particular design. Still, dummy units can also be helpful when it comes to getting an idea of what upcoming phones might look like.

In the case of this iPhone video from Tiger Mobiles, it's a lot of what we've already seen and heard about Apple's upcoming devices. Both iPhones have adopted the notched display Apple introduced with last year's iPhone X. The 6.1-inch model, rumored to be the least expensive iPhone Apple is introducing this fall, has a single camera lens on the back, while the 6.5-inch iPhone features two cameras.

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Both phones have a very visible metal band around the side. On the 6.1-inch iPhone, that will likely be aluminum, again in a move by Apple to contain costs on its entry-level phone.

A second video posted at the Tiger Mobiles site teases a closer look, though it's really more of the same, only zoomed in.

The 6.1- and 6.5-inch iPhones represent two of the three models Apple is reportedly planning for this fall's round of phone releases. (The third, a 5.8-inch phone, will be the successor to the iPhone X, likely with an improved processor and other enhancements.)

As the entry-level iPhone, the 6.1-inch device is expected to have an LCD screen and a lower price tag. The 6.5-inch version has been called the iPhone X Plus and will likely be the most expensive phone in Apple's lineup at a reported price of $999.

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