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Apple Issues Credit to iPhone Owners Who Missed Battery Discount

If you got your iPhone's battery replaced before Apple slashed the price to $29 for some models earlier this year, you may have felt short-changed. Fortunately, Apple is finally making things right.

The company announced a $50 credit for all customers who paid $79 for an out-of-warranty battery replacement in iPhone 6 or newer models between January 1 and December 28 of 2017. The discounted $29 program went into effect on December 29, 2017 and lasts until the end of 2018.

This means anyone who ordered a new battery last year is retroactively being granted the same goodwill offer Apple is extending to its customers now. The company will get in touch with all affected customers between now and July 27 to let them know about their $50 credit and how to redeem it, according to CNBC.

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Today's news comes at a time when experts and consumers (including yours truly) are reporting quicker turnarounds in getting their iPhone batteries replaced. When the program started, delays of up to weeks at a time were typical. Now, you can expect to get your handset back, fresh battery installed, the very same day.

However, the fast turnaround might not last as 2018 winds to a close, and more and more owners decide to redeem their discounted battery offer before it expires. A new battery won't simply improve the speed of an aged iPhone — it'll make the phone last longer, too. We strongly recommend taking Apple up on its offer if you haven't already.

The $29 deal emerged after Apple admitted it had been quietly throttling the performance of certain iPhone models after their batteries degraded below 80 percent capacity. Since then, the company has not only introduced this promotion, but also added a new Battery Health panel to iOS 11 that allows users to decide for themselves whether they'd like to preserve the longevity of their battery by turning down processing power.