Google Feeding Ice Cream Dogfood to Employees' Nexus S

Are you a Nexus S owner eagerly awaiting to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your "Pure Google" phone? I am. That's it was great news to hear that Google employees are now "dogfooding" the Android 4.0 update on their Nexus S phones. (Dogfooding refers to the practice of employees using the products that their company makes.)

The news came out via Google+ social network, reported Android Police, but originating posts about it have since been deleted. Thanks to the magic of screenshots and re-shares, however, the proof remains.

Right now the update, which is distributed over-the-air, is limited strictly to Google employees for internal testing. Hopefully all is tasty and we'll get our chance at the bowl soon.

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  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Hmmm.... As having google developer status this would have become available to me.... unfortunately I don'y have a Nexus S
  • exzacklyright
    I've had aosp ICS on my samsung fascinate for almost a month :)
  • livebriand
    It's nice to see that there are SOME companies out there that actually USE their own products. Maybe that's how companies finally realized that glossy palm rests and crap on laptops just annoy users and don't improve the laptop at all. It's amazing that they still won't offer a matte screen on those though.