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New Google TV on the Way

There has not been much news from the CE industry and Google is updating its Goggle TV blog only once a month. The most recent updates to the platform were applied more than six weeks ago and the initial enthusiasm for the platform appears to have gone away.

Yet Business Insider claims to have received information that Google is getting ready for a refresh of the product. the next Google TV generation may use faster processors and chipsets, provide an updated interface and finally offer support for Android apps. The source of the publication suggested that there could be a TV-specific version of Android Market.

The initial reception of Google TV was rather lukewarm. The interface and controller devices are way too complex for a passive family room entertainment experience. Hopefully we are seeing an improved interface, more content that is actually family room entertainment and not centered around Google's search products. We would also hope that there will be a much better integration with Android (and Chrome OS) overall.