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Google Street View Hits the Zoo

Penguin lovers have been able to get their fix on Google Street View for a while, but what do you do if you're more of a giraffe girl? Or a monkey man? Head to the zoo, of course! Google this week announced that its popular Street View application now covers zoos across multiple countries.

"If you enjoy watching wildlife, but find yourself stuck in the urban jungle, never fear," Google's Street View Program Manager, Deanna Yick. "You can now use Google Maps and Street View to preview the must-see spots at zoos around the world before heading there in person, or take a virtual trip to some of the most famous zoos and animal parks, right from your living room."


Zoos covered by Street View include the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China, and zoos in San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto. There's also You can also explore the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico, the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park in Ontario, Canada, Buin Zoo in Child, Zoologico de Bauru in Brazil, Shou Shan Zoo in Taiwan, Asahiyama Zoo in Japan, Singapore Zoo, Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Zoo Safari Park Stukenbrock and Tierpark Hagenbeck in Germany. Already on Google Maps are the Zoo Aquarium de Madrid and Parc Zoologic de Barcelona in Spain, La Ferme aux Crocodiles in France, Olmense Zoo in Belgium and Whipsnade Zoo in the UK.

Though Google doesn't offer any details on the equipment it used to photograph the zoos for Street View, the it's likely the Google Trekker backpack was part of the equation. Standing at 4ft tall and fitted with a 15-angle lens camera, the device snaps photos every 2.5 seconds. Google has also used cars, bicycles and snowmobiles in the past.