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The Cheapest Way To Get 3D Video (Free)

How does 3D work, Again?

Maybe you’re too frugal to shell out big money for a new 3D television – and heading to the IMAX gets expensive fairly quickly. But if you aren’t getting enough 3D you’re your everyday life, there’s another, cheaper way to get it – and you never have to leave your computer monitor to find it.

3D movies and pictures work by showing two different versions of an image – one from the right eye’s point of view, the other from the left. Once past your beautiful corneas, your brain stitches the two images together, calculates what it sees, and renders the world in 3D. The importance of using two images to provide depth is obvious – particularly if you have ever played catch while wearing an eye patch.

There are several ways to view 3D images. One is to rely on polarized glasses that only see certain waves of light – as used at IMAX 3D movies. Another way is through the old-fashioned red-cyan glasses that look at red and blue augmented versions of images called anaglyphs. These will be the kind of glasses you need when looking at the online selection of 3D goodies.