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Get In Sync with File Syncing Software

GoodSync Software Review


GoodSync version 7.1 is a small program (with an install file of about 2.1 MB) that installs easily without the need for a system restart. Synchronizing folders is setup with a left folder (source) and right folder (target) approach that is typical of many of the syncing programs we look at in this review.

goodsync software

With the left/right approach to syncing, GoodSync has done a solid job of making it visually obvious what needs to be synced and in which direction.

For syncing targets, GoodSync has a good set of features enabling synchronization with anything that is local to your PC (an attached USB key, a network or shared drives). GoodSync goes a step further also by enabling SSH, FTP and webdav-based synchronization as well, which means you can also sync remote targets.

Going a step beyond just syncing one folder, GoodSync lets you create multiple jobs to setup multiple synchronization source/target pairs.

A key part of GoodSync’s value is the options that you can use to control when items are synced. For USB key users, the option of having a sync start whenever a key is inserted is a must have, which GoodSync offers. The periodic scheduling down to a one-minute sync is also very useful.

goodsync software

GoodSync also gives you a simple check box option whether or not you want to propagate deletions across a sync pair. That is, if a file is deleted from one side of the sync, it’s up to the user (in the options) to choose whether or not the file should be deleted on the other side.

Overall, it is a decent solution that is easy to setup and use. There is a trial version and the full product costs $19.95.