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DTV Shredder: the Segway for Warzones

Canadian manufacturer BPG Werks realized that the freedom of movement provided by motorized scooters like the Segway had possible military applications. However, dinky little wheels and a weak motor just won't do when you're in a combat zone. Their solution? Add something that the army loves more than bullets: tanks!

The DTV Shredder is, for all intents and purposes, a kickscooter with tank treads. A Segway for the battlefield, if you will. With a 15 horsepower engine at its heart, the Shredder can easily rip through rough terrain at a top speed of 30mph and tackle 40 degree inclines with ease, like a menacing land version of a jet ski.

It even comes with a remote control, transforming the Shredder from high-speed personal tank to a low-profile UGV. This unmanned capability, combined with its 1,200 pound tow capacity, means it can be used to ferry wounded soldiers or ordnance to and from the battlefield. Of course, let's not forget the shock factor of seeing a hundred footmen riding into battle on Shredders. That's enough to make me want to enlist.

[source: BPG Werks via Ubergizmo]