Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018

Product Use case Rating
Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Best Smart Speaker 8
Netgear Arlo Q Best Security Camera 9
Phlips Hue White A19 Starter Kit Best Light Bulb 8
TP-Link HS105 Best Smart Plug 8
Ecobee4 Best Smart Thermostat 9
Nest Protect Best Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector 9
Samsung SmartThings Best Smart Home Hub 7

Looking to make your home just a little smarter? While still in its infancy, the number of smart home products—devices that let you control your lighting, thermostat, or even your crock pot from your smartphone—is rapidly growing. From GE to Belkin to Home Depot, tons of products and whole ecosystems want to help you control your home via a single iOS or Android app. You can pick and choose your favorite gadgets to assemble an affordable intelligent abode on your own terms, or opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you.

We've tested dozens of smart home devices, from cameras to lightbulbs—even robot vacuums —to find the best of each for your new smart home.

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Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home vs. Apple HomeKit: What Should You Get?

If you're looking to control your smart home devices by voice command, you have three main choices: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, and Apple HomeKit/Siri. (Yes, there's also Microsoft Cortana, but it lags so far behind the other three, we don't recommend it for your smart home at this time.) We compared Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, both on their own and in conjunction with the best-sounding smart speaker with each of the assistants. In short, Alexa generally came out on top, as it works with the most smart home devices, and has the most third-party skills. However, Google Assistant can do some things that Alexa can't—such as control Chromecast TVs—and it's rapidly being built into a number of third-party devices.

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  • deepashvini8491
    Can We have Video Demonstration of full Smart Home System ??
  • SteveReeves
    The Tp-link lights are also very good and don't require a hub.
  • jpishgar
    And here I would have thought the Instant Pot was a shoe-in for Best Cookware!
    Well darn, now I'll have to grab one of those fancy Anova's. A friend of mine posted pictures of a London Broil he made with it and said that it turned out as tender as the best filet mignon he's ever had.

  • hitesh16umar
    Excellent Article
  • markus808
    Can you do a comparison of Soma Smart Shades vs, Move, motorized shades seem really interesting at that price point, also HomeKit and Alexa support is nice addition!