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The One iPhone Secret Everyone Needs to Know

Last weekend, as I was browsing Twitter, I saw a ton of folks tweet in shock as they discovered a hidden iOS feature: the touchpad inside the keyboard. Available in one form or another since since 2015, this trick makes typing on iPhones and iPads a whole lot easier.

The hidden touchpad is iOS's answer to its lack of an actual mouse or touchpad, which has held back Apple's operating system. While it's plenty useful for moving around a long document, in apps such as Google Docs or Bear, I find it comes in handy every single day, as a fast way to jump around in a text message I'm drafting, or in a form I'm filling out.

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In iOS 12, the hidden touchpad can be found in any iPhone with 3D Touch, which includes every model from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone XS and XS Max. On those models, you just push hard on any key on the keyboard, and voila, the letters on your keys disappear and you can move cursor by scrubbing your finger around.

Don't worry iPhone XR owners, even though that handset doesn't have 3D Touch, Apple's even placed this feature in there too, it just works differently. A long press on your keyboard's space bar, one that doesn't push down as hard as a 3D Touch activation, enables cursor mode.

Once you get the hang of this feature, you won't need to be reaching your fingers to the top of your screen as often, to tap on a word to move the cursor manually. This way, you're stretching your fingers less often, and less likely to drop your phone while awkwardly adjusting.

Credit: Tom's Guide