Best Instant Pot Deals for Christmas 2018


Pressure cookers have become all the rage with home cooks. Leading the charge is Instant Pot, a brand that has become synonymous with pressure cookers thanks to its top-rated devices and popularity on Amazon. 

Depending on its size and features, an Instant Pot can range from $70 to $150. The good news is that it's easy to find bargains on these multi-purpose devices. To help you save money and time, we're rounding up the best Instant Pot deals you can buy this holiday season. Currently, you can take advantage of these price lows:  

What is an Instant Pot?

An Instant Pot — also referred to as a pressure cooker — is a pot with a special airtight lid that traps steam inside. This in turn increases the atmospheric pressure inside the pot and significantly slashes the time it takes to cook time-consuming dishes. Most Instant Pots can also be used as rice cookers, steamers, and even to make yogurt or cake. 

There are different types of Instant Pot models and below are the best deals you can buy right now.  

Instant Pot Ultra 3-Quart 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker 

This 3-quart Instant Pot saves you both space and time. It's more compact than other Instant Pot models, but still works as a 10-in-1 pot device that can do everything from searing to slow cooking. It has 14 built-in programs that can replace 10 common kitchen appliances like your rice cooker, steamer, and sterilizer. (Amazon for $59.95; $60 off)

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 6-Quart Pressure Cooker 

This Wi-Fi-based Instant Pot lets you program your pressure cooker via any Internet-connected device, such as your smartphone or tablet. Cook, schedule, and monitor the progress of your meals even when you're not home. The 6-quart pot features 13 smart programs that cover a variety of meals from soups/broths to saute/searing. (Amazon for $90; $59 off)

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Cooker

The 3-quart Duo Mini is one of the smallest and most affordable of the Instant Pot series at the moment. The pot has a compact design, which makes it ideal for smaller kitchens and stoves. It's perfect for a dorm room, studio apartment, or if you're only cooking for yourself. (Amazon for $59.95; $20 off)