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Angry Birds as If It Were a Michael Bay Movie

Angry Birds is arguably the most mainstream pervading video game since Pac-Man. Perhaps the simple premise of the game has prevented Hollywood from latching on to the Angry Birds craze with some kind of adaptation, but you can be sure that someone is working on it.

Rooster Teeth has made a satirical video about what would happen if Michael Bay got his hands on the Angry Birds movie project. Maybe it would look something like this:

  • Zracko
    Fu***ng amazing is what that is! Awesome effects! james cameron eat your heart out.
  • blader15sk8
    Not enough explosions.
  • mman74
    But as with the game we still don't know;
    * why are we rescuing the eggs?
    * how the birds got their powers?
    * how the pigs built these collapsible strutures and why they would want to sit underneath them?
    Missed opprtunity by the writerss here to start wrapping up a few loose ends!
  • distanted
    mman74Missed opprtunity by the writerss here to start wrapping up a few loose ends!That'll be in the sequel: Angry Birds 2: Revenge of the Falcon
  • growup
    we're missing an 18-wheeler going out of control and goes KRAAAWWWW!!!

    Then a building collapses, someone jumps out of the way and goes WOOOOOSH KRAAAAW!
  • cookoy
    boring, total waste of time
  • dillyflump
    As much as I love Angry Birds it's still not a good as Worms. I miss those little pink guy screaming "INCOMMINNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!" as they fly accross the screen.
  • freditoc
    dillyflump, Totally agree with you. Worms will beat Angry Birds anytime! EA now has Worms for Android, dont know about support for Apple.
  • pierogi210
    Can't wait for the release date. hehehe
  • davewolfgang
    Camping out for Opening Night!!!!!