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Adobe Joins Linux Foundation


San Jose (CA) - Adobe announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a move that is seen as a triumph for supporters of open-source platforms.

Kick-starting its Linux push, Adobe has released an alpha version of Adobe Air for Linux operation systems, allowing developers to use standards like Adobe’s Flash and Flex in Internet programs.

"With the alpha release of Adobe AIR for Linux and the Adobe Flex Builder for Linux alpha update, we’re delivering early releases of a first-class application runtime and RIA creation tool to the Linux community," said Adobe general manager David Wadhwani.

Adobe has shown some support for Linux and other open-source projects in the past but its decision to join the Linux Foundation opens a new chapter for the professional software giant. "We’re pleased Linux is a priority for Adobe," said businessman and sponsor of Ubuntu Randy Linnell in a press release.

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating awareness for and pledging support to the Linux platform. Other members include IBM, Google and HP.

Developers can download the alpha version of Adobe Air For Linux at its newly created Air Linux website.