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PDFs Get Better With Adobe's New Acrobat, Document Cloud

Imagine a world where you never have to print out another PDF document again. Adobe's newest offering, Document Cloud, may turn that world a reality by simplifying how you edit, manage and keep track of your documents. The software giant is also releasing a new version of its Acrobat program, which packs helpful new features for editing PDF documents. Available in the next 30 days for $14.99 a month, Acrobat Document Cloud makes it much easier to manage and collaborate on your PDFs.

Think of it as Google Drive with some built-in tools to let you edit your PDF documents. You can create, review, approve, sign and track documents through Document Cloud on your desktop or mobile device. Those who work in large organizations will appreciate the Send and Track tool, which lets you stay on top of the status of all the signatures required in a document. But the new apps (for iOS 8 and up, Android 4 or later and Windows Phone 7.5 and later) are where the magic really happens.

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Fill and Sign is a new personal app that lets you turn any scanned or photographed document into a digital, editable file. Say you're handed a registration form to fill out at the last minute. You can snap a picture of the form with the app, which will then clean up the document.

After that's done, you'll be able to create text boxes to fill out the fields and resize these boxes so they fit in the form. One of the coolest features is Profiles, which lets you save your information, such as birth date, address, email address and phone number, in the app. You can autocomplete fields with this info later so that you don't have to repeatedly type it in.

The Acrobat app also got a facelift in this new version, making it look a lot more like Google Drive at first glance. Your recent documents are the first thing you see when you start the app, and a customizable toolbar on the right makes it easier to find the tools you want.

Adobe also improved the app's editing functions, letting you directly edit PowerPoint slides as if you were in Microsoft's PowerPoint itself. The new Acrobat DC will mimic the font in scanned documents, such as a magazine article, so you can edit text however you want without anyone being any wiser. Bullet lists will automatically re-order and number themselves if you add or remove lines.

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