Play Those Classic SNES Games on Your iPad

Want to play classics like Mario Kart and Chrono Trigger on the iPad? Given Apple's closed app ecosystem—and the relatively undefined legality of using console game ROMS—the procedure involves a little jailbreaking. And you'll also have to shell out cash to play, paying $6 to download snes4iphone or SNESHD from the Cydia marketplace.

Once you jump through these hoops though, you'll be taking advantage of the tablet's generous pixel real estate in no time. Video instructions below:

How to Play SNES on Your iPad in Four Easy Steps

Obviously you can apply the same step-by-step to your iPhone or iPod touch, so long as your device can be jailbroken to run Cydia. Full text instructions are here.

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  • mavanhel
    So, you're paying cash to do something illegal? These guys are probably gonna get screwed fast. Don't get me wrong, I love my ROMs, but if you're doing something illegal (eg giving out games that aren't yours) don't charge for it.
  • gpace
    I do have an SNES and the games, so to play it on the go, I got a SNES emulator for Pocket PC. Total cost, $0. Difficulty? Copy and paste onto an SD card. That was it. No jailbreaking, or cost, or breaking the law. Plays very smoothly and looked great on the VGA size screen.
  • eklipz330
    this is disgusting. it's like pirates that ask for donations or to pay for using their services, WTF IS THAT?? greed at it's best.