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Snapdragon Android Phones Getting Netflix First

Android and Me reports that Android-based Snapdragon phones will be the first to receive the Netflix app. The news arrived in an interview earlier this month at CES 2011 with a Qualcomm representative.

“We have been working with Netflix to bring their service for the first time to Android phones," he said. "Because of our ability to have very sophisticated SecureMSM and all kinds of layers of security we have been able to get Netflix approval. We meet all of the very stringent security requirements of the studios and we have been working with an OEM to have Netflix come pre-loaded."

This verifies a previous comment made by Greg Peters of Neflix last year in regards to the Android app's overall delay. “The hurdle has been the lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available for Android.”

As seen at CES 2011, one Android smartphone was already spotted with the Netflix app up and running: Verizon's LG Revolution which sports a Snapdragon processor (MSM8x55). Additionally, Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" for tablets will supposedly be Netflix-ready by offering a pluggable DRM network that allows applications to manage protected content.

However Peters already admitted in his blog post that some Android handsets will never see the Netflix service. "This clearly is not the preferred solution, and we regret the confusion it might create for consumers," he said. "However, we believe that providing the service for some Android device owners is better than denying it to everyone."

Sorry, DROID. No Netflix-streaming Battlestar Galactica reruns for you.