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Skype for Android 3G Calling Hacked Already

It's been just a few days since VOIP company Skype announced its much anticipated Skype for Android application. Already available for Android devices on the Verizon network, the arrival of a Skype app for the rest of the Android community was celebrated. However, though the Android community was pleased to see a Skype app for the Google OS, users in the United States were disappointed to find that 3G calling had been disabled. Indeed, while users elsewhere in the world could make Skype calls over 3G, users in the U.S. were restricted to calling over WiFi.

Thankfully, there's a whole community of Android developers who bust their butts to solve problems like this one and, just a couple of days after the release, there's now a hack that rectifies the WiFi-calling-only-for-Americans situation. A user on the Droid Forums has released a modified version of the application and it's now available for download and sideload via the forums.

Source: Droid Forums via Gizmodo