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TV Remote Changes the Channel When You Fart

It's a natural bodily function and sometimes it occurs at inoppertune times, like when you're watching television with your spouse/child/parents/friend/parole officer. The only thing worse than letting one rip and having to apologize is sitting next to someone else who lets one rip and doesn't apologize.

If you're living with a regular stealth-farter, you might want to consider this fart-operated TV remote that changes the channel every time someone farts.. It's the brainchild of Instructables user, Schmidtn, who has a dad who loves to channel surf and toot-toot. Schmidtn says he came up with the idea after reading about two other weird mods:

"So one day I was over at Hackaday and read about a guy who used his Arduino to turn a TV on and off with one of those brainwave reading headsets. Then later on that same day I was here at Instructables and a fellow had made an office chair that twitters every time he farted. So, I got to thinking and decided to mash those two hacks into one remote that changes the TV to a random channel every time he tutes!"

Now all we need is one that turns up the sound anytime someone asks, "Now, which one is he?" during movies.

Source: Instructables via Boing Boing

  • xophaser
    wondered what channel it will turn to if someone quif. Seriously folks, it would be greener if someone snore and it turn of the tv, or change the volume if someone burps.
  • bebangs
    lol. thats sick.

  • guanyu210379
    Stupid invention!
  • Sykar
    Why would anyone make this?
  • kelewan
    SykarWhy would anyone make this?
    For lulz?
  • Kryan
    farted reading this... twice. I loke the idea about my chair tweeting when i fart! LOLOL!
  • cashews
    Toilet humor doesn't really do it for me.
  • Haha. Same as this one but for phone?
  • Spoony
    i would buy that, simple reason it would aslways be changing channel, and the missus would be really pissed off, right in the middle of Eastenders :D
  • gemmakaru
    "The only thing worse than letting one rip and having to apologize is sitting next to someone else who lets one rip and doesn't apologize."

    I think there are thousands of examples than things worse than sitting next to someone who farts and doesn't apologize. Really insensitive remark to all the victims of really bad situations out there, eartquakes and floods, bad leaders, economic crisis, the list goes on. It really isn't the only thing worse.