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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Scheduled for September

Thursday during Microsoft’s annual day-long presentation to Wall Street analysts, chief operating officer Kevin Turner said that Internet Explorer 9 will go beta in September.

Microsoft declined to answer additional questions after Turner's announcement, remaining tight-lipped in regards to the availability of a more stable preview, or whether the beta would actually be open to the public in September.

"We do not have any additional specifics to share at this time about when Internet Explorer 9 Beta will be available," a company spokeswoman said.

Microsoft would also not name a release schedule for the final build. As it stands now, Internet Explorer 9 isn't expected to be completed until September 2011--that's if the company mimics the timeline it used for Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 9 will be the first Microsoft-based browser that won't run on Windows XP. Consumers using Windows Vista and Windows 7 can get an early taste of the upcoming browser by sampling three sets of demos here. Currently the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview is in its third build.