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LG, Others Showcasing Google TV 2.0 at CES Next Week

Next week during CES 2012, LG will introduce a Smart 3D TV using the next generation of Google TV. According to the company, it will be a marriage of Google's familiar (and now simpler) Android-based interface with its own Cinema 3D and Smart 3D technologies. The device -- LG's first Google TV ever -- promises to be mult-tasking capable, allowing users to socialize, search and watch TV simultaneously.

"Equipped with LG's own Cinema 3D technology, Google TV provides a home entertainment experience that is immersive, comfortable and convenient. Based on LG’s own Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, CINEMA 3D glasses are battery-free, comfortable and lightweight," the company said on Friday. "The glasses are also very affordable, making LG’s Google TV ideal for viewing by a large group of family and friends when used in 3D mode. And with a single click of the remote, any 2D program or movie can be viewed in 3D, thanks to the built-in 2D to 3D conversion engine."

According to Google, LG won't be the only manufacturer sporting a Google TV in Las Vegas next week. In a blog following LG's announcement, five additional partners were revealed including chipset manufacturer Marvell, chipset designer MediaTek, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. The latter company actually provided a brief glimpse on what's to come next week around :25 into its commercial aired during the Rose Bowl. But as of this writing, Samsung and Sony hadn't made any official CES-related announcements in regards to a Google TV device.

"Last October, we launched an update to Google TV: a simpler interface, a new way to discover great web and TV content, a more TV-like YouTube experience, and Android Market," Google said. "Since launching the update, we’ve seen our activation rates more than double. New features and new apps are coming to the living room via Google TV almost every day. We now have more than 150 apps which developers have specifically built for TV with thousands more Android apps from the mobile world available to deepen your living room TV experience."

The company said it's working with hardware partners to bring new Google TV-powered devices to consumers. "As we’ve said before, Google TV is about bringing new entertainment and innovation from the Web to TV and our team along with our partners are pleased to bring more Google TV powered products to more people, across more devices in more countries in 2012," Google added.

Look for additional coverage on Google TV 2.0 next week during the show.