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Vulnerability Discovered In Firefox 3 Five Hours After Release

Despite all the hype that Mozilla generated around the newest version of Firefox, there was a fair deal of people who were wary of adopting the new software.

These people were of the opinion that seeing as how all new software still has some undiscovered bugs running around inside, it would be far more favourable to leave the bug finding to the early adopters and then install Firefox when the kinks had been worked out.

Well, it looks as though those people might have been right. Just five hours after the launch of Firefox 3 while most of us were probably still trying and failing to access the Mozilla site, which was creaking under the pressure of 9,000 downloads a minute, Tipping Point announced that a vulnerability had been found.

Tipping Point said that the company’s Zero Day Initiative program reported a critical vulnerability affecting Firefox 3.0 as well as previous versions of Firefox 2 Tipping Point verified the vulnerability and said that if explored, could allow an attacker to execute an arbitrary code.

The company has notified Mozilla and said it won’t be releasing the details of the bug until a patch has been released.

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