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Mossberg Approves Firefox 3


There is no better marketing pitch for your new technology than an official thumbs-up from the Wall Street Journal’s technology authority, Walt Mossberg. The recently releases RC2 of Firefox 3 isn’t officially final yet, but it is generally expected to represent the final release and it was good enough to get Mossberg’s approval.

Mossberg, of course, has not been the only one reviewing RC2 and if we believe what he writes in his column (of course we do!) then his test may actually not have been as thorough as others - he indicated that has been testing pre-release version of the Firefox 3 with "well over 100 sites" and for several months on "multiple Windows PCs and Macs, desktop and laptops, over slow connections and fast ones." So, what did he discover?

"My verdict is that Firefox 3.0 is the best Web browser out there right now, and that it tops the current versions of both IE and Safari in features, speed and security. It is easy to install and easy to use, even for a mainstream, non-technical user." The columnist warns his opinion on Firefox may change, citing new features coming out with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 scheduled later this year and noting that Apple is continuously improving Safari, although "the company is secretive and hasn’t disclosed its plans."

If Mossberg’s and other tech reviewer’s opinion is any indication, Mozilla has a slam dunk with Firefox 3. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about with Firefox 3, you can read our in-depth article on Firefox 3 RC2 "Why Firefox 3 matters".