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Facebook Messenger for Android Gets Stickers

Facebook has released a new feature for the Messenger app aimed at improving the conveying of emotions while typing. The company has released its new version of Facebook Messenger for Android platform devices, which now fulfills every child's dream with the addition of... Stickers! The feature sneaked its way in with the previous update of the app and can be used by anyone wanting to download the latest update from Google's Play Store.

Whether your messages are about the cats on the Internet, or the latest alien abduction conspiracy theories, there are now stickers for every conversation. All it takes is to click the smiley icon in the text input box to start wielding the weapons of portrayed emotions. The new feature is primarily aimed at people who feel that the Emojis keyboard add-on doesn't provide a wide enough scope of emotions. We are already anticipating the day that Facebook implements a system where you also have to pay to receive your friend's stickers as well.