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Sharp Reveals 3D LCD with 4 Primary Colors

Sharp is claiming the title of "world's first" with the development of its four-primary-color 3D LCD for its Aquos line of HDTVs. The "Quattron" technology already made a splash last month with the introduction of the Aquos LED LCD TVs, reaching the public eye in a rather comical way thanks to George Takei's TV spots. As reported last month, Quattron brings a fourth color into the previously-standard red-green-blue setup: yellow.

In addition to the Quattron tech, Sharp believes it has solved the low brightness and ghosting (crosstalk) issue seen with conventional displays by incorporating four other Sharp-branded technologies: UV2A, its own core tech for LCD TVs, FRED, and side-mount scanning LED backlighting. According to the company, the 3D LCD is 1.8 times brighter, and the colors are more vivid thanks to the red-green-blue-yellow setup (and a wider gamut). The side-mount scanning will help reduce the amount of ghosting, and boost overall picture quality.

Sharp executive vice president Masafumi Matsumoto said that the company will officially unveil the 3D Aquos models in May, and will launch them in Japan before the summer shopping season (possibly June)--no real ship date has been set. He also added that the company will reveal technical details about the new 3D Aquos next month.

As with other 3D HDTVs launched this year, Sharp's 3D offering will require active shutter glasses to get the full 3D effect.

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  • steiner666
    i'm sure it will cost about 3x what my 60" mitsu dlp did.
  • scione
    now we have to wait for A. several more generations or B for 3D to blow over
  • duckmanx88
    scionenow we have to wait for A. several more generations or B for 3D to blow over
    please be B.
  • gorehound
    yes please be b for glasses wearing tech.
  • chomlee
    it would be interesting to see how much a difference that 4th color (yellow) makes. I wonder if its a marketing scam and they just add a red and a green and call it yellow.
  • Dirtman73
    I'll be buying this as soon as one of you guys gives me the money for it.
  • Still waiting for them to concentrate on true holographic projection technology so we can do away with the need for physical screens.

    - I can just see one of the first uses for Holographic Technolgy once it becomes practical.

    Replace stop signs with holographic projectors which project a large (physical seeming) brick wall across the lane the car/s in with a large stop sign on it and the wall would only disappear once the car comes to a complete stop.

    Now that would be a way to stop people from running stop signs. :D
  • I completely dont understand why 4 colors are better then 3.We only see 3 colors so why 4?
  • mauller07
    this 4 colour system is supposed to improve yellows like golden and bright yellows, due to the filters in LCD technology their is a massive dip in the yellow area of the colour spectrum

    i would imagine that screens such as oleds wouldn't have this problem with the colours being lit directly at a per pixel level without any transmissive layers in between
  • Clintonio
    jjjlllklkjljjkI completely dont understand why 4 colors are better then 3.We only see 3 colors so why 4?No, we see 32 million colours (around), not three. Adding a seperate yellow channel will ensure yellows get displayed properly.