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Android 2.2 Now the Dominant Version of Android

This time last year Gingerbread was just under a year away and Honeycomb was but a twinkle in Andy Rubin’s eye. The most up-to-date Android users were awaiting the May release of Froyo while making the most of Eclair (2.0, and 2.1). A lot can happen in a year, though, and it looks as though Froyo has become the most dominant of the Android OSes.

As any Android user knows, OTA updates take time. Whether the hold-up is on the carrier’s end or the manufacturer’s, the only Android phones that are guaranteed to get updates as soon as they’re available are Google’s own Nexus One and Nexus S. However, 10 months after Froyo’s launch, it seems as though the majority of phones are now running Android 2.2.

If Google data is correct, 61.3 percent are on Android 2.2, and 29 percent are on 2.1. That leaves 4.3 percent using Android 1.6 and 3 percent using Android 1.5 (the horror!). Don't forget some phones might be stuck at a certain version because the hardware isn't capable of going any higher.

As far as Google brand new Android versions are concerned, just 0.7 percent are on Android 2.3, while a further 1 percent is running 2.3.3. The search giant’s optimized-for-tablets OS, Android 3.0/Honeycomb, is on just 0.2 percent of devices.