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Amazon: Get Blu-ray or DVD, then Stream for Free

Online retail giant Amazon has launched a service that may give iTunes, Netflix and other virtual retailers a run for their money. Called Disk+ On Demand, this new service provides a free streaming version of a movie purchased via Blu-ray and/or DVD. This means that anyone ordering physical copies of "select" movies will receive the Amazon Video on Demand standard definition (SD) version for free... possibly forever (or until the Internet explodes and collapses).

"When you purchase a Disc+ On Demand Blu-ray or DVD, we'll automatically add the digital version to Your Video Library," the company writes in this FAQ. Amazon also reports that moviegoers can download the digital versions for offline viewing using as well using the "Download" feature ("Watch Now" activates the online streaming).

So will all DVDs and Blu-ray movies have free, Digital SD versions? Apparently not, however, there will be a Disc+ On Demand message designated to qualified products. Once the DVD or Blu-ray movie is purchased, the digital SD version will appear in the customer's account "as a gift."

Currently there are loads of  Disc+ On Demand disks to choose, including Interview with a Vampire, Unforgiven, Ghostbusters, the remastered version of The Fifth Element, and tons more. Unfortunately, this program only applies to customers located in the United States. Sorry Marcus, no streaming Teletubbies for you. (Being Canadian, I'm more upset about missing out on Kids in the Hall. -Marcus)