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Adobe to Apple: Let the Games Begin

Tuesday during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen took a slight jab at Apple even after previously stating that he's tired of the debate over Apple barring Flash from its products.

"Anyone who wants to design for a multi-platform world is our customer," Narayen said during the summit. "Apple would like to keep it closed and proprietary. Well, let the games begin."

But he also pointed out that the media (cough) doesn't want to let the Apple/Adobe debate go. He's right to some degree--the debate is interesting in that the outcome could ultimately shape the way we consume future multimedia on the Internet. Will HTML5 dominate Web animation or will Flash continue to be the main tool?

"It's all about how you control content on the Web," Narayen said, minimizing the controversy surrounding Apple's current lean to HTML5. "Apple has their view."

He also dismissed the Flash vs. HTML5 debate, saying that Adobe is all about creating the best tools [for both]. "It's really described in a narrow way [in the media]."