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Adobe Creative Suite Users Get Nvidia Present

The catch is that the Quadro CX costs a whopping $1,999, but the hefty pricetag just might be worth it. The PCIe card comes packed with 1.5GB GDDR3 memory and bandwidth up to 76.8 GBps, NVIDIA ’s CUDA Parallel Computing Processor, a 384-bit memory interface, Shader Model 4.0, support for DirectX 10, and duel DisplayPort connectors. The card’s maximum display resolution at 60Hz is a sharp and crisp 2560x1600.

Does that sound like a lot of horsepower for Photoshop and Premiere Pro? There’s never too much power when manipulating hi-res artwork and video. “A critical element of CS4 was to capture the enormous power of the GPU,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe. “The difference is astounding. Performance is important to creative professionals and with the NVIDIA GPU, they are assured to be able to interact with images and videos in a much faster, smoother, more engaging way.”

With CS4, the software will natively support the Quadro processor and use its parallel processing capability to speed up visually intensive operations. For Photoshop, the processor will enable real-time image rotation, zooming and panning. NVIDIA also said that Photoshop CS4 will utilize its processing power for 2D and 3D compositing and high-quality antialiasing. After Effects CS4 will feature effects accelerated by the NVIDIA GPU including depth of field, bilateral blur effects, cartoon effects and turbulent noise. Premier Pro CS4 will take advantage of the NVIDIA processor by enabling faster editing of multiple high-definition video streams and more.

The announcement of NVIDIA ’s Quadro CX and Adobe’s native support within the CS4 software comes at the heels of Apple’s recent statement that the company will be using NVIDIA ’s 9400M chipset in the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro. As Apple and Adobe go together like peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich, it comes as no surprise that both would find an equal interest in the GPU giant.

“The GPU being a central ingredient of Adobe Creative Suite 4 is a monumental milestone in the computer industry. Adobe is the recognized leader in revolutionary content tools and this marks the beginning of the GPU accelerated creative revolution,” said Dan Vivoli, executive vice president of marketing for NVIDIA. “We are honored to have been able to work so closely with the talented engineers at Adobe to help them take their world renowned suite to the next level.”

And while the Quadro CX announcement seemed geared towards the graphic arts industry, one must question as to how this card would fair when used in a gaming environment. After all, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy... or at least that’s what Jack Nicholson said in The Shinning.

For consumers who can’t shell out an extra two grand from their wallets, Adobe says that CS4 will natively support all NVIDIA GPUs.