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Panasonic Ships MASSIVE 11x6 Foot 3D TV

Whether you think the technology isn't quite what it could be, or you're hung up on the fact that it could all just be a huge fad or you can't bear the cost of replacing your current TV sets, we all have different reasons for thinking that movie-going experience just won't transfer to our sitting room.

However, if money is no object, we have a little something that may convince you to jump on the 3D home theater bandwagon. Panasonic is now shipping a 152-inch 3D TV, which is probably the closest you can get to taking your local cinema home with you.  

Measuring 11x6 feet, CNet reports that the TH-152UX1's 4096x2160 resolution can deliver four times the clarity of a regular full-HD panel and a 5 million:1 native contrast.

No word on price, which is probably a good thing. Though chances are if you ponied up for the 103-inch Panasonic was selling a while back, you could ask your own Panasonic rep. They be calling you as soon as this monster becomes available. Is it wrong that my first question would be, "So is there anyway I can have one of these without the 3D?"

*Little lady in sailor-like outfit not included.