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Save Big on Rift, Vive, PSVR for Prime Day

If you were ever thinking about getting in on the virtual reality craze, it's never been cheaper.

Photo: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide

Photo: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide

In celebration of Prime Day, you can get $200 off on the Oculus Rift and $100 off the HTC Vive. And if you're more of a console player, you can grab a PlayStation VR bundled with PlayStation Camera for $399.

Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle for $399

The Oculus Rift continues to be our top choice for stationary or seated virtual reality experiences. However, thanks to the bundled Touch Controllers, the Rift is now on a par with the Vive for room-scale experiences. The Rift is also one of the more comfortable high-end VR solutions on the market and has the largest collection of games, apps and movies available, including titles from AAA game developers like Insomniac Games.

HTC Vive for $699

Ever wanted to take a walk on the surface of Mars or slay the things that go bump in the night in a deep, dark dungeon? Then you might want to check out the HTC Vive. Bundled with its renowned Lighthouse system, the Vive can transport you to new virtual worlds that you can walk around and interact with for a truly immersive experience.

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PlayStation VR + Camera Bundle for $399

For those of us that don't have a souped-up gaming laptop or desktop handy, there's the PlayStation VR. Aside from the headset and its bundled camera, all you need to get started is a PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro console and you're ready to go. While not as polished as its PC-powered counterparts, the PSVR offers some great games including Resident Evil 7, Batman: Arkham VR, Farpoint and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.