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Better Than Prime Day: 50% off Google Smart Home Gear

Google Home Hub
(Image credit: Future)

Amazon Prime Day is a great time to stock up on Alexa-powered smart home gear, but what if you're invested in the Google ecosystem. 

Fortunately, there's an epic Google smart home sale happening right now and you don't have to be a Prime member to take advantage of the prices. For a limited time, Walmart is taking 50% off select Google smart home gear.

The sale includes the Google Nest Hub, which is on sale for $79. Normally, this smart display retails for $129, so that's $50 off and the second lowest price we've ever seen for this device. 

A new 10-inch Google Nest Hub Max is hitting retail shelves later this summer, so naturally its 7-inch predecessor is getting a price cut. 

In our Google Nest Hub review, we liked how the device complemented Google’s voice assistant with everyday tasks like cooking dinner, calling friends, and streaming music. 

Google Assistant is a breeze to interact with and uses the Hub’s display to its advantage very nicely. For instance, at bedtime, if you say "Goodnight, Google" it automatically dims the display and asks if you want to set an alarm. 

During our audio tests, the Nest Hub's 40mm speaker sounded surprisingly good for its size. The high guitar strums and trumpet solo in Justin Bieber’s "Love Yourself" were about as clear and crisp as the treble tones on the Echo Show and the Lenovo Smart Display

Finally, voice calling from the Google Nest Hub is easy and straightforward. You can call anyone in your Google contacts or give Google a number to call. 

Other Google smart home devices on sale include: 

Buy the Google Nest Hub for $69 at Walmart                           
The Google Nest Hub features Google assistant so you can make calls or pull up recipes hands free. For a limited time, it's $50 off its regular price.View Deal

Buy the Google Home Smart Speaker for $69 at Walmart         
Google Home is powered by Google Assistant so you can get answers to questions with a simple, "Hey Google" voice command. For a limited time, it's $30 off. View Deal

Buy the Google Home Mini for $25 at Walmart                           
Google Home Mini sports an attractive design, delivers great sound, and controls Android TVs and Chromecast. Own one now for 50% off.View Deal