Want more control of your data plan? TextNow offers unlimited data with the freedom to pay only when you need it.

Unlimited Hour Data Pass
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Most of us nowadays have a smartphone in our pocket, but keeping it connected can be expensive. The more phone lines on your plan, the more data you need, the higher that bill goes, quickly becoming unaffordable for many. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if we could have free, unlimited text and talk on the smartphone of our choosing? Even better, what if we could have the power to control when to pay for unlimited data? It doesn’t have to be a “what if?” scenario. TextNow offers just that – unlimited data plans with flexible options that start at just $0.99, in addition to their free unlimited talk & text service.

With TextNow, you can take control of your phone plan and only pay for data when you need it, and stay connected – always – with free unlimited talk and text on the nation's largest 5G network.

Flexible 5G data on your terms

Anything that's fun to do on your phone requires data. We all know that. Between mobile gaming, streaming, catching up on that one coworker's Instagram stories, there's always something that requires a data connection. For that, TextNow offers three flexible unlimited data plans without any surprise overage (or hidden) fees. 

With TextNow you only pay for the data you need, when you need it thanks to three unique data passes. The Unlimited Hour Data Pass lets you pay for 60 minutes of unlimited 5G network connectivity when you require it for just 99 cents. Renew for additional data manually when it expires, or don’t — it’s up to you! It's a great option to have when you're in a pinch for access to the internet while out, or even to set time limits for your kids.

Sometimes you want a little more data, but you still don’t want to hand over your bank account to your network provider. For those days, TextNow offers an Unlimited Day Data Pass for just $4.99. 

Flexible 5g Data

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Daily data plans can be great for managing data usage on a child’s account while they are off on a field trip or spending the day with friends. I’m a homebody, which means my Wi-Fi connection is readily available. Some days my family likes to drag me out of my cozy cocoon to “see the world”, “have quality time”, and “touch grass”. The daily pass is great when that happens, as I’m able to rely on Wi-Fi at home when it is available. With TextNow’s daily pass, I have a go-to option to pay for 5G data when I have to, that is affordable and on my terms.

Affordable data connectivity doesn’t have to come with time limits, though. TextNow’s Unlimited Data Pass also offers a no-contract monthly option that includes free roaming in Canada and Mexico for just $39.99. With no contract, you can easily cancel or renew your data coverage at any time, giving you the power to use as little or as much data as you’d like. 

Unlimited Hour Data Pass

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Of ads and sim cards

Signing up for TextNow’s phone service is easy, and requires only downloading the TextNow app on your preferred smart device. Free calls and texting are supported by ads, but your phone won’t take a beating from popups, as TextNow’s ad support is in-app only. 

If you do want to take advantage of affordable and flexible access to the nation’s top 5G network, you will need to make a one-time purchase of a SIM card from TextNow. Once activated, you will have the option to add unlimited data whenever you want, straight from the app. 

With TextNow, you have the freedom to eschew costly phone contracts and surprise overage bills in favor of using your phone, your way. Take control of your phone service and try TextNow for free today.