Apple's budget iPhone just crashed to $5/month — here's how to get it

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The iPhone 14 is no longer Apple's flagship, but thanks to its reduced price of $699, it makes for one of the best cheap iPhone deals you'll find. For a limited time, AT&T is making it an even better deal. 

Right now you can pick up the iPhone 14 for just $5.99/month at AT&T. Provided you sign up for a 36 month unlimited plan (from $75 a month), it means the total cost of the iPhone 14 itself is just $215. That's one of the best AT&T phone deals we've seen. 

iPhone 14: $5/month w/ unlimited @ AT&T

iPhone 14: $5/month w/ unlimited @ AT&T
Grab an iPhone 14 for just $5.99/month at AT&T. That means you'll be paying around $215 for your phone, which is less than Apple's direct $699 price. There's no trade-in required and all you need to do is sign up for a 36-month unlimited plan. In our iPhone 14 review, we said it delivers fantastic-looking photos/video, packs a stellar display, and still offers solid performance for the price. 

Apple's keeping the iPhone 14 around as a cheaper alternative for users who don't want to splash out on the iPhone 15. While the current-gen phone comes with some desirable upgrades, don't assume that the iPhone 14 is entirely obsolete.

As you'll see in our iPhone 14 review, it offers excellent cameras, a vibrant 6.1-inch display and fast performance from the A15 Bionic chip. We also love the impressive Action mode video. The only thing missing is a telephoto zoom. 

Additionally, you can upgrade the iPhone 14 to iOS 17, Apple's latest software that unlocks new features like the Journal app and StandBy Mode. Meanwhile the iPhone 14's hardware, like its bright display, effective set of cameras and still-speedy chipset means it can keep up with newer phones.

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