Switching to Verizon has big perks, especially right now

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As the nation’s largest mobile carrier, Verizon always has ways to give you a little something extra to make it worth your while to consider switching. Right now, that comes in the form of a limited time offer that can land you an unlimited plan for as little as $20 a month.

Welcome Unlimited

That low monthly price is available through Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan. This is your entryway to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network, which covers over 2,700 cities across the country and provides heaps of high-speed data for all your streaming and gaming needs. It also comes with perks like unlimited texting, calling, and data in Canada and Mexico, plus unlimited texting to over 200 countries and territories.

The plan is available to new customers who are bringing their own phones. If you’ve already got a phone you love, you don’t have to toss it, nor do you have to buy a new phone to get connected to Verizon’s network.

Group up to save

To maximize your value on the Welcome Unlimited plan, you’ll want to get together with family or friends. The plan starts out at $65 a month for a single line, but that can drop dramatically with every line you add to the account. Go for four lines, and you’ll be looking at $35 a month. Got more? For five or more lines, you’ll be paying just $30 apiece. 

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One trick to save even more

Whether you’re flying solo or building out a huge family plan, Verizon will let you cut your bill down even further with its Auto Pay and paper-free billing incentives. That $65 price for a single line drops to $55 a month. And that $30/line price for a large family plan — that drops to just $20 per line each month. 

Prices that low for an unlimited plan don’t come around often, and Verizon’s offer is only for a limited time. But if you jump on, Verizon guarantees the price for three years. 

Verizon will also give you some extra benefits as a subscriber of its service. You’ll get spam call blocking with Call Filters. You’ll also get to use Verizon Up rewards. These can get you discounts on accessories for your phones, deals from Verizon partner retailers, and early access to ticket sales for major events.

If you’re ready to save big on your mobile plan and start rolling in the perks that come with Verizon service, you can check out the Welcome Unlimited plan and subscribe here.