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The Eight Sleep Pod is one of the high-tech mattresses you can buy to optimize your sleep, and right now you can save up to $250 on all Eight Sleep Pods. It's the first notable deal we've seen for Eight Sleep mattresses so far this year (we last saw $500 off during Cyber Monday), making it a good Memorial Day mattress sale if you want a smart bed to track all aspects of your sleep.

The most popular model in the Eight Sleep range is the Pod Pro, which now starts at $2,545 (was $2,795). It earned a spot on our list of the best smart beds and mattresses for its dual-zone cooling and heating, and we rated it as the best mattress for couples who require varying temperatures for their in-bed comfort. 

Built-in ambient sensors measure room temperature and humidity, enabling the Pod Pro to automatically cool down or heat up as needed to help you sleep deeper for longer.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro: $2,795 $2,545 at Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Pod Pro: from $2,795 $2,545 at Eight Sleep
It's not often we see a discount this big on the Pod Pro. At $250 off, this is a good saving from Eight Sleep, knocking the price of a down queen to $2,845 (was $3,095). Couples who can't agree on an ideal temperature will appreciate the Pod Pro's dual-zone cooling and heating, which offer the ultimate compromise when it comes to overnight comfort.

In lieu of using a separate fitness tracker to monitor your sleep, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro will handle that for you via a companion app (iOS, Android) that tracks key metrics like sleep stages and resting heart rate. And if you dislike the blare of an alarm in the morning, the Pod Pro will gently wake you up using chest-level vibration and with a gradual temperature change.

If the Pod Pro is beyond your means, check out the original Pod smart mattress. It has three layers to the Pod Pro's five, and lacks the GentleRise wake-up function, but otherwise boasts the temperature controls and sleep tracking. During Eight Sleep's Memorial Day sale, you can get an entry-level Eight Sleep Pod mattress from $2,045 (was $2,295).

Alternatively, you can splurge on the new Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max, now on sale from $3,045 (was $3,295). This upgrade over the Pod Pro features an extra layer of silver, copper, and graphite-infused cooling foam plus double the number of ambient sensors for automatic temperature control. 

No matter which Eight Sleep smart mattress you go for, you'll benefit from a 100-night trial, a two-year warranty, and one of the best cooling mattresses on the market.

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