RovR Memorial Day deal — Free BikeR travel kit with cooler purchase

RovR Memorial Day deal
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Summertime is upon us and that means having a quality cooler is nothing short of a necessity. As part of its Memorial Day sales, RovR has a deal that's a no-brainer for the summer. 

For a (very) limited time, RovR is offering a free BikR Kit ($54) with the purchase of any cooler. That's a $54 value you're getting for free. (You'll have to manually add a cooler and the BikR Kit to your cart. The $54 discount is applied during checkout). RovR's coolers are already packed with durable functionality, but this particular accessory makes them especially mobile. If picnic, beach days, or other bicycle-friendly outings are your cup of tea, this deal is a solid investment. 

RovR BikR Kit: free w/ RovR cooler purchase @ RovR

RovR BikR Kit: free w/ RovR cooler purchase @ RovR
This handy attachment turns any RovR roller cooler into a miniature storage wagon, allowing you to tow it anywhere you like with your bike. It's the perfect warm-weather accessory for outdoorsy families. 

If we're talking about the best coolers you can get, RovR's lineup of rolling coolers makes the top of our list, thanks to innovative design choices, puncture-resistant tires, and a range of customization options. 

One of those options includes the BikR kit travel accessory--normally sold for $54 on RovR's site. For Memorial Day weekend, though, they're tossing this handy accessory in for free with the purchase of any RollR cooler ($369 to $449).

While RovR's coolers will fit right in next to any of your favorite patio furniture, they can do more than just chill. The pop-up storage bin converts the cooler into a temporary wagon, and the BikR kit lets you haul that wagon around with ease. 

It's our favorite cooler right now, and when combined with the BikR kit, the RollR cooler might just be the ultimate camping accessory you never knew you needed.

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