Roborock’s H6 is the slick, new stick vacuum on the block and it’s $50 off for a limited time

(Image credit: Roborock)

Roborock has just introduced its latest vacuum, but this time around it’s not a robotic vacuum that’s meant to target just your floors. The new Roborock H6 is a powerful, cordless stick vacuum that can clean just about anywhere, and the company is offering an early-bird discount that sees the price drop from its $449 retail to just $399.

The new Roborock H6 is a fully-equipped vacuum with all the different accessories you need to give your house a deep clean both high and low. It has a long wand that lets you easily use it on floors like a traditional vacuum or reach up to the ceiling, while a flexible hose simplifies cleaning the tops of shelves and cupboards.

Thanks to its motorized brush heads, the Roborock H6 is also ready to dig deep into carpets and furniture, especially with the mini-brush. The vacuum’s motor is capable of 150AW of suction power, so it can pull up messes with ease and even tug mites loose from furniture.

The battery inside the Roborock H6 is the first of its kind in a stick vacuum. It’s a Lithium-Ion Polymer that maintains its capacity over the long term. Even after 400 recharge cycles, it will continue to hold 80% of its capacity. That max capacity is enough for up to 90 minutes of vacuuming in Eco mode or 10 minutes at max power. So, you can not only get a thorough clean around the house, but also head out to your car and give it a deep clean with the crevice tool, all without having to worry about where the closest power outlet is.

For all that, it’s exciting enough that Roborock’s starting price is $449, which undercuts plenty of the competition. But, the company’s early bird discount is exceptionally compelling. The discount will run from May 18 to May 22, so you’ll have to act quick.


Get the Roborock H6 for $50 off