Narwal Freo – a convenient and attractive home cleaning solution

Narwal Freo vacuum
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The era of the smart home is truly upon us, with the fast-pace of family life ever at odds with our needs for a clean and presentable living space, we need our cleaning gadgets to not only take chores away from us, but almost think for us too. The Narwal Freo is an all-in-one mop and vacuuming solution for busy homes that offers to do just that. Not only is this robot aesthetically pleasing with its minimalist and unassuming design, but it comes packed full of smart and intuitive features to take the hassle out of day-to-day cleaning. 

Narwal vacuums are quiet!

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Coming home to clean and shiny floors is one of life’s simple pleasures, and the Narwal Freo promises to deliver this by not only tackling both carpets and hard surfaces with a combination of vacuuming and superior mopping skills, but by cleaning itself when it’s done. Here’s a closer look at all of Narwal Freo’s smart cleaning functions.

An intelligent approach to cleaning

The true innovation of the Narwal Freo lies in the end-to-end mopping service it provides for your floors. Its intelligence lies in the unique Dirtsense technology, which can detect exactly how dirty your floors are, and even the material of the surface it needs to clean. Dirtsense assesses how dirty your floor is and can repeat cleaning patterns until it’s satisfied that an area is clean.

There can be a worry that automated cleaning devices can damage certain surfaces but the Narwal Freo is equipped with the knowledge that different levels of pressure and moisture are required for ceramic or wooden surfaces.

The Narwal Freo has five different vacuum and mopping modes programmed into its deceptively simple shell, and you have total control over their use. Do you want it to vacuum and mop in one journey? Or vacuum entire areas and then mop? The choice is yours, or you can simply put the unit into Freo mode and let it assess the mess for itself.

Narwal vacuum at work

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What sets the Narwal Freo apart from its competitors is its ability to shift seamlessly between wet and dry modes of cleaning. When you need to clean everything from a child’s play area to your pets safe haven, you want to be certain that your cleaning solution will deal with both hard floors and soft carpets with minimal involvement from you. The Freo features the same technology as its predecessor the T10, which separates the mop pads with an automatic lift module when the unit comes into contact with carpet. Similarly when moving from carpet to a hard surface, the roller brush will lift during mopping mode to avoid contamination from dust.

Corners are no longer cumbersome

A perennial problem with automatic cleaning solutions is the inevitable displaced dirt around the edges of the room, and the Narwal Freo knows to use its brain power and adapt to these blind spots with its Smart-Swing wiggle action. When gliding along walls and maneuvering around corners with its patented Corner Trap technology, the Freyo performs a 45-degree rotation of itself three times to ensure no surface is left untouched, no corner is left littered with crumbs from lunch.

Smart app for your smart home

The included Narwal app gives you a neat visual guide to the Narwal Freo’s journey around your home, even down to which rooms required more cleaning than others. Though you need not have to scramble for your phone every time you want to take control of the Freo or connect to a new network, as the base unit includes an impressive LCD touchscreen display. Note that this is safe from prying tiny fingers with a savvy child-proof mode. 

Narwal Freo fits right in

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A robot with its own personal hygiene standards

In between cleaning your surfaces, the robot keeps its own mop pads clean with its innovative cleaning system. The pads are kept fresh and dry between sessions, and the drying feature especially means you needn’t worry about any mold or mildew in the base. The patented cleaning solution used to keep your floors sparkling is also used in the required dose to clean the mop pads when the Freo is housed in its sleek and attractive base.

Powerful but discreet

Despite its punchy cleaning specs, the Narwal Freo is unassuming in appearance and sound. The Narwal Freo goes about its business surprisingly quietly. Whether preparing a feast for guests or a quiet night in for two, the Narwal Freo performs its tasks by making minimal noise before returning to its sleek base which blends in seamlessly with most home decors. This can also come as a comfort to homes with pets who are easily unnerved by mechanical sounds. If you want to get a headstart on cleaning the family home while you’re stuck in a remote meeting, the Narwal Freo can get to work with minimal disturbance. 

Narwal Freo on the job

(Image credit: Narwal)

The Narwal Freo doesn’t just combine vacuuming and mop functions, but it combines functionality with style. Nobody wants to clean more than they need to, but we all love a tidy home, and having a device that completes at least two essential daily tasks in one is a welcome addition to any busy abode. 

For more information on the Narwal Freo and to order one for your home at a substantial discount, head over to the Narwal website. Enter code tomsguide at checkout to save $250 off the final cost before March 26, 2023.