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Latest iOS 13 update reportedly wrecks your battery life

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Apple seems to keep having serious quality assurance problems across all its operating systems and hardware. The latest iOS problem was iOS 13’s poor multitasking management, which was fixed in the lastest iOS 13.2.2 update — only for the latter to bring a bug that depletes your battery in record time.

The bug itself is not new: it first appeared in iOS 13.1.2, but was squashed in the next update. But now it seems to be back with iOS 13.2.2. I thought it was only me and my original iPad Pro’s old battery but iOS users have been reporting on the update’s troubles on Twitter:

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ZDnet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes confirmed the return of the bug with some tests: “Battery life is now so bad that I can watch my battery life ticking down while I'm browsing the web, composing an email, or using Twitter,” he says. 

Kingsley-Hughes believes that battery life is “not too bad” when the device is locked and not being used. He also points out that, as I suspected, “iPadOS 13.2.2 battery life is also much worse than post iPadOS 13.1.2 releases.”

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It’s not the only recent Apple operating system bug. People have been slamming macOS Catalina as one of the buggiest releases ever, breaking app compatibility left, right and center — more offensively with one of the most used pieces of software ever, the Adobe CC suite. 

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There are multiple reports online about how bad it is, including many Reddit threads about how Catalina is not Apple’s finest moment or how it has sh*t ton of bugs. Well, it appears iOS 13 is not going too well either.

It appears that Apple hasn’t done much about its quality assurance testing, despite Cook & Co. vowing to make it better.

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