Upgrade your charging game with Baseus’ new 100W GaN PowerCombo charging station

Baseus 100W GaN PowerCombo charging station on a desk charging several devices
(Image credit: Baseus)

As devices have become more and more powerful over the years, the charging technology that keeps them powered up hasn’t really advanced much, at least until recently. 

Gallium Nitride (GaN) isn’t necessarily a new breakthrough in the charging world, but the ability to bring the cost and the safety of it to the mass market certainly is. GaN chargers have been popping up everywhere over the last several months and Baseus has been leveraging their expertise in building high-quality chargers to bring some of the best ones available. 

Now they’re back again, more powerful than ever, with the Baseus PowerCombo Series 100W Hybrid GaN Charger that keeps the same compact form factor as the 65W version and the incredibly useful capabilities of it as well. All while adding a few extra goodies to sweeten the deal. 

Like its predecessor, the 100W PowerCombo has 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and 2 full sized AC power outlets which means it can charge almost any device that could conceivably end up on a desk or in a travel bag. And the upgraded 100W charging capability means it can handle even the most power-hungry laptops and desktops, including fast charging a MacBook Pro (65W) and MacBook Air (30W) at time, while supporting PPS fast charging protocol for Samsung devices.

Baseus PowerCombo Series 100W Hybrid GaN Charger charging a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

(Image credit: Baseus)

One of the added benefits of the new 100W PowerCombo is that all four ports now support fast charging. This means that no matter what you plug in to it, the PowerCombo will intelligently allocate every wattage of power to each device to ensure it’s charging as fast as possible. 

New MacBook Air? ✅  

iPhone? ✅ 

Apple Watch? ✅ 

iPad? ✅ 

What about all four at the same time? Yup, all of it. 

But that’s not all. There are also two full sized AC power outlets on either side of the charger to plug in monitors, a desktop PC, or anything else you might need to charge. Instead of lugging around a bunch of chargers that take up space in a bag or cluttering up your desk with a bunch of cables so there’s no room left to work, the 100W PowerCombo can handle it all. 

The best part is the PowerCombo series are all designed with safety in mind. They are equipped with heat temperature protection as well as over-current, over-voltage, overcharge, overload, overheat, and short circuit protection and the childproof sockets mean they’re safe from tiny curious fingers. The PowerCombo chargers are all certified safe by RoHS, the FCC and the ETL. 

Baseus PowerCombo Series 100W Hybrid GaN Chargers

(Image credit: Baseus)

As chargers become more powerful, Baseus understood this could be a concern that this higher power might damage these expensive devices. Baseus’ primary goal is delivering on user feedback - in fact, the name “Baseus” is derived from “Based on User” - and in that spirit, their PowerCombo chargers are designed to only charge devices as their max supported wattage. 

For example, if using the 100W PowerCombo GaN Charger with a 100W cable to charge an iPhone that supports 20W fast charging, the iPhone will only charge at a maximum of 20W. With the PowerCombo series, you can be confident that these faster charging speeds will not harm your device.  

The Baseus PowerCombo Series 100W Hybrid GaN Charger is available now at Amazon. Use the code NZVXBAOX to save 10% through September 21, 2022!