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Power up your transit with OKAI’s new Beetle and Neon electric scooters

OKAI Neon Electric Scooter
(Image credit: OKAI)

As electric motors and lithium-ion batteries have made it possible to electrify more and more modes of transportation, e-scooters have become especially popular for short trips and local exploration or covering the first and last mile of a commute when major transit systems only get you partway. The new OKAI Beetle and Neon electric scooters can help you enjoy this newer form of getting around whether you want to cruise in comfort or in style.

OKAI has been involved in designing these electric vehicles for over 17 years as an original equipment manufacturer, and it’s finally bringing its know-how to the North American market with its first consumer models in the OKAI Beetle and Neon.

Both the OKAI Beetle and OKAI Neon provide a capable and premium means of getting around town while giving you the option of your preferred scooter type. 

OKAI Beetle Electric Scooter

(Image credit: OKAI)

With the OKAI Beetle, you can sit and ride in comfort. It provides a large footrest and soft, shock-absorbing seat to make for a relaxing ride whether you’re just popping over to the grocery store nearby or riding across town to visit a friend. Large, pneumatic tires and front and rear drum brakes help you keep control of the scooter, and the system even offers regenerative braking to let you get some of your charge back when you’re riding in stop-and-go traffic. You’ll also get three riding modes for casual cruising in pedestrian crowds, balanced performance, or maximum speed. 

OKAI Neon Electric Scooter

(Image credit: OKAI)

The OKAI Neon gives you a fun and flashy upright ride. This may have a classic scooter design, but OKAI has decked it out with some extra style. It has RGB light strips on its front and bottom. These strips will let you customize the look of the scooter while also helping improve your visibility while you’re out on the road. The Neon electric scooter rides on 8.5-inch tires with a hidden suspension in the rear for a smoother ride. The construction also protects the scooter against water, earning an IPX5 rating, so a little rain won’t leave you stranded.

The strong electric motors in both scooters can provide enough power to cruise around town at up to 16mph and ride up 20% grades. Each scooter is also capable of going up to 25 miles on a charge. With the Beetle, you even have the option of carrying extra battery packs and swapping them out to extend your maximum range.

Both electric scooters also have some shared safety and convenience features. You’ll find taillights with integrated brake lights and a headlight as well as multiple reflectors on both scooters. Each provides a small display to see key metrics like speed and your battery status. They also offer multiple ways to unlock and start the scooter. The Neon uses Bluetooth or NFC from your phone or an NFC keycard while the Beetle supports an NFC key, a remote starter button on the key, and smartphone app control. 

OKAI’s scooters are both compact and can fold down to a smaller footprint, making them a handy sidekick for urban living. Whether you’re after some fun weekend riding, need a handy commuter vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a car and even many bikes, or could just use wheels for occasional help with errands and visits to friends, OKAI’s scooters are ready for anyone.

You can see the OKAI Beetle for $699 here and the OKAI Neon for $699 here