GIGABYTE laptops have the power you need to get ready for the next school year

GIGABYTE laptops for back-to-school shoppers
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Whether you want a high-performance gaming machine you can still slip into your backpack and carry to class or want a slim laptop that still has some horsepower for creative tasks, GIGABYTE’s lineup of laptops has what you need to get ready for the next school year. And with some ongoing deals for GIGABYTE Back To School 2022, you can save some cash for extra-curricular activities with up to 31% off.

Whether you’re looking for systems running the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors or NVIDIA RTX 30-Series graphics, you’ll find them here. The latest hardware can support PCIe Gen4 storage for fast loading, and Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4 for blazing-fast connections both wired and wireless. GIGABYTE’s latest models also offer refined designs with narrow screen bezels, giving you more display in a smaller footprint, as well as high refresh rates. 

Hardcore gamers can gear up with big savings on GIGABYTE’s ultimate gaming machines in the AORUS lineup of laptops. You can snap the AORUS 15 XE4 with serious hardware inside for just $1999 on Newegg. This model packs an Intel Core i7-12700H processor with 14 cores alongside a mighty RTX 3070 Ti graphics processor. That’s the kind of power you need to run games on the laptop’s 1440p/165Hz display. 

While the AORUS 15 XE4 has an impressive screen, you could also opt for the larger display of the AORUS 17 XE4, which measures in at 17.3 inches and provides an ultra-fast 360Hz refresh rate at 1080p. This rig costs just $2078 on Amazon, and it comes with the same Core i7-12700H and RTX 3070 Ti pairing of the AORUS 15 XE4.  If you’re looking for even bigger savings, you can snag the AORUS 15P running the previous-gen Intel Core i7-11800H and tamer RTX 3070 for $1449 on Newegg. With these three laptops, GIGABYTE has you covered for gaming-focused options.

GIGABYTE AERO 16 XE5 tackling photography workload

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When gaming isn’t the priority but you still need the muscle of high-performance CPUs and discrete graphics, GIGABYTE’s AERO laptops are where you should look. The AERO 16 XE5 is on sale for $2199 at Best Buy and comes kitted out with the same Core i7-12700H and RTX 3070 Ti pairing of the other laptops mentioned, but it brings a 16-inch, 4K UHD AMOLED display to get creative on, and it only weighs five pounds. 

Alternatively, the GIGABYTE AERO 15 XD won’t have you miss out on much, continuing to pack RTX 30-series graphics and a powerful GPU to run its 4K AMOLED display. Better yet, it weighs only 4.4 pounds. For the back-to-school sale, it’s priced down to $1599 on Newegg.

For more constrained budgets, GIGABYTE still has options. The GIGABYTE G5 and GIGABYTE U4 can gear you up for school at under $1,000. The GIGABYTE G5 is ready for homework and games alike with plenty of power to play on its 15.6-inch, 144Hz display. It’s going for just $899 on Best Buy. Meanwhile, the GIGABYTE U4 will help you focus on schoolwork with all the speed you need to keep up and a touch of integrated graphics for light gaming, and it costs just $949 on Best Buy