5 products you didn't know were made by TCL

TCL Smart Products
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A lot of people have talked about the inroads TCL has made in the smartphone market. About how the organization is proof positive that you don't need to break the bank to get yourself a high-end Android device. Or how they're among those leading the charge in making 5G more affordable. 

With all that in mind, it'd be easy to assume that smartphones are really all TCL does. That they don't have many lines of business outside the midrange smartphone market. Such an assumption, however, would be way off base. Because smartphones are only one facet of the company's massive product portfolio. 

As one of the largest global electronics manufacturers in the world, TCL has been in operation for nearly four decades. In that time, it has partnered with countless other brands. From those partnerships, it's produced a downright impressive selection of diverse, unique, and innovative products. 

If you want a bit of context on the company's sheer scale, have a look for yourself.

In short, TCL is far bigger than just phones. You might even be using some of their stuff in your own home without even realizing it. Here are just a few examples.

Smart TVs 

TCL Smart TV

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Okay, granted, we did already mention TVs. But there's a reason for that. See, TCL's smart TVs represent arguably its most significant line of business — at the time of writing, it's the third largest television manufacturer in the entire world. 

And it's been working some downright cool innovations into its products, as well. For instance, take a look at its recently-released Xess A200 Pro. Boasting impressive picture quality, it has a screen that automatically rotates based on what you're using it for, an onboard fitness AI, a high-quality webcam, and the capacity for effortless screen mirroring and streaming between TV and smartphone. 

There's also the fact that TCL recently released a gaming TV, complete with a THX-certified game mode. In plain english, this means lower input lag, richer colors, darker shadows, brighter highlights and an overall better gaming experience. Notably, this is the first product of its kind ever to be released. 

In addition to its own products, the company also manufactures some models of Roku TV in the United States.

Other smartphones 

BlackBerry KEY2, KEYone

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You probably already know TCL makes smartphones. You may have even heard that the company is one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. But did you know they manufacture them under more than just the TCL brand? 

They've partnered with multiple OEMs over the years, producing licensed devices for brands that include Alcatel, Thomson, and BlackBerry. 

Surround sound 

TCL Soundbar

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TCL is about more than just smart TVs. It's focused on the entire home entertainment experience. Its most recent soundbar, the Alto 9+, includes a built-in Chromecast and features Dolby Atmos Surround sound, a wireless subwoofer and RAY-DANZ technology.

Granted, the brand's selection of sound systems isn't quite as extensive as those offered by some other manufacturers. But it also hasn't been in this game for quite as long. And more importantly, what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for with quality. 

Premium headphones 

Woman exercising with TCL headphones

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Surround sound isn't the only audioscape TCL can provide. From the stylish, vibrant SOCL earbuds to the premium MTRO headphones, it's also got you covered if you want to listen to music or stream while you're on the go. TCL's headphones and headsets provide the wearer with impressive sound quality, and are designed with comfort front-of-mind.

Better yet, they're highly-affordable while still outperforming many products sold at a significantly higher price point.

Home appliances 

TCL kitchen appliances

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Air conditioners. Humidifiers. Washers and dryers. Fridges and freezers. Microwaves and coffee machines. 

These are all products offered by TCL. Granted, not all of them are widely available in the United States. Hence why you may not have heard of them — although you can purchase any of TCL's excellent climate control/home comfort solutions via its website

That's not even the most exciting part. Moving forward through 2021, all of TCL's digital offerings are going to be connected to the Internet of Things. In a blog post published last month, the company announced the release of the new TCL Home App, which will eventually allow you to control every single one of your WiFi-enabled TCL products

In other words, TCL isn't just in smartphones and smart TVs, it's also got skin in the smart home game, too.

More than you expected

Couple watching TV on couch

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TCL makes some excellent phones and TVs. It's not one of the top electronics manufacturers in the world without reason, after all. But as you can see here, it also does much, much more than just that.

It can help you drown out your morning commute. Keep you occupied while you're in the gym. Allow you to take control of your home's temperature and humidity. Help you keep your fridge stocked and your clothes clean. 

In short, TCL is innovative, it's forward facing, and above all, it's invested in making your life more connected, comfortable and convenient.